Tubular inverter batteries

GLOW ENERGY Tall Tabular 120AH to 220 AH the next generation tubular batteries designed specially to withstand long and frequent powercuts. THE ULTIMATE INVERTER BATTERIES.


The next generation tubular battery designed specially to withstand long and frequent powercuts. It is the ultimate inverter battery. In case of powercuts it acts as a backup special source for power supply.


  • Very long life
  • User Friendly
  • Acid volume per ampere hour is 30% more than that of ordinary tubular batteries. It acts as a coolant and also ensures very low maintenance
  • Suited for use in areas of frequent power cuts can (800 to 1000 cycles of deep discharge as against 300/400 cycles of other batteries.)
  • Can withstand overcharge better
  • Occupies less floor space, totally new look • Less pollution, environment Friendly
  • Ensure consistent quality.


  • High rate discharge tested
  • Environment friendly.
  • Improved Safety.
  • High Acid Volume per ampere hour • Electrolyte level indicator
  • Deep cycle design.
  • Tower type design .
  • Common side venting.
  • Excellent charge acceptance.
  • Float indicators to check the acid level.